Signals & Systems

Course Title:    Signals & Systems

Prerequisite:    Engineering Analysis (1)

Course Contents:

Ch.1: Continuous-Time Signals:                                                                                              
(Basic Continuous-Time Signals, Continuous-Time Convolution)

Ch.2: Discrete-Time Signals:
(Basic Discrete-Time Signals, Discrete-Time Convolution)

Ch.3: Linear Time-Invariant Systems (LTI):
(System Attributes, Impulse Response, Differential and Difference Equations)

Ch.4: Fourier Analysis for Continuous-Time Signals:
(Periodic Signals and Fourier Series, Continuous-Time Fourier Transform, Properties and Applications of the Fourier Transform, Frequency Response of LTI Systems)

Ch.5: The Laplace Transform:
(The Region of Convergence, The Inverse Laplace Transform, Properties of the Laplace Transform, The System Function of LTI Systems, Differential Equations, Applications of Laplace Transform)

Grading Policy:

20%      First Exam
20%      Second Exam
20%      Quizzes, Homework and / or Project
40%      Final Exam